100 Families Receive Winter Blankets

We were able to provide blankets for 100 families who lost their homes to the earthquake in Bhakthapure, Nepal. Among the many needy people during this critical time, we chose mostly senior citizens who are currently living in temporary housing. Since I had met these mothers and fathers in my previous visits to the area and knew the difficult conditions they were living in, it made me even happier to be part of this noble deed.

These days the older people who lost everything to the earthquake are going through a rough time. We are trying to address simple needs to help them to live a better life and prevent unnecessary suffering. Winter is approaching fast and the temperature is getting colder by the day. A comfortable, warm blanket can make a big difference. We will continue to distribute more blankets in other communities.

We organized this event in Bhaktapure, Nepal where 42 families live in our temporary housing. I am grateful to Jenny and Lindy from Malaysia who provided financial assistance to buy the blankets. Dinesh, my Nepal project manager organized the purchase and distribution of the blankets.