2018: To bring positive enthusiasm. To make mindful decisions.

Each year all around the world people come together and experience the first moments of the first day of the New Year with enthusiastic and joyful celebrations.   
As the fireworks light the night skies, music and singing echo the whole planet. Dancing, hugs and kisses connect people to one another as the book of life turns another blank page for you to fill in the year 2018.
No matter who you are and where you live, each morning you are going to wake up to be part of the fast moving unpredictable world that is full of actions and conflicts.  Just like in 2017, this new year 2018 will reveal to you the mystery of life just one day at a time for 365 days. Your ability to make mindful decisions, bring positive enthusiasm and make clear realistic choices will shape the quality of your experience in each moment of each day.
Make mindful decisions. There is so much unrealized potential within your own mind and heart. You can access that potential by cultivating self awareness. When you self-reflect and pay attention to your thoughts, feelings and emotions, you are able to honestly reflect on your strengths and weaknesses. Self-reflection helps you to guide your thoughts and intentions. You will also easily tap into your own inner strength and inner resources. Perfect your skill to be mindful of negative emotions that trap you and weaken you. Release your emotions in a timely manner before you get stuck in them.
Bring positive enthusiasm to each day. Positive enthusiasm will give you all the courage and confidence you need to face the challenges and overcome difficulties. Do not let your mind be occupied with what is missing in your life or what is bad. Be enthusiastic and believe in attracting what is good. Imagine abundance in your life. Your positive enthusiasm will be like a magnet to attract beautiful, peaceful, fulfilling experiences.
Make realistic choices. Your pain and suffering are not caused by problems or challenges. They are caused by the inner conflict between reality and your fantasy and the resulting turmoil in your mind. When the unwanted or unexpected happen in life do not try to fight reality with misery, bitterness or anger. Choosing to accept reality is a wise choice and will help you to live in peace in the midst of challenges.
May your mindful decisions, positive enthusiasm, and realistic choices bring many happy and meaningful moments to yourself and to those who cross the path of your life in 2018.

Happy New Year My Dear Friends. May you be well, happy and peaceful.

Ven. Bhante Y. Wimala