25 Giant Water Tanks

Donating 25 giant tanks to drought stricken northern region of Sri Lanka

At the request of northern provincial Governor Hon. Chandrasiri, we were able to donate water tanks for 25 drought stricken villages.

When I visited Sri Lanka in September, 2014, I went to Jafna, the most Northern city of Sri Lanka. While visiting the region, I decided to pay a courtesy visit to see the governor, Hon. Chandrasiri, who I had known for a long time. He always provides whatever assistance I need when I am in Sri Lanka.

As we were discussing many matters regarding the political and economic transformation of the province, he mentioned about the drought related problems in the region. One of the biggest problems was the drinking water for the people in many villages. He was in the process of organizing large water tanks to place in each village so that the water trucks can fill them each day with drinking water.

That evening I spoke with one of my sponsors, Mr. Perera, by phone and mentioned about my discussion with the governor and his request to provide some water tanks. Mr. Perera agreed and the next day we were able to buy the water tanks and hand them over to the governor just before I departed for the airport to leave Sri Lanka. I am grateful to Mr. Perera and family for their generosity and trust. May they be well and happy.