275 Wheelchairs for Disabled People in Kenya

In the last five years, we have been donating wheelchairs to the most needy disabled people in Kenya. One of the recent recipients of wheelchairs was over 40 years old and has been disabled all his life. Our wheelchair was the first wheelchair he ever had. Can you believe somebody crawling for forty years without being able to get a wheelchair? Many of the recipients of our wheelchairs that we donated had never had a wheel chair and they are very poor people.

With the fifteen that we donated in my last visit to Kenya in March of this year, we have donated a total of two hundred and seventy five wheelchairs. I have traveled to many remote town and villages that no other NGO has ever gone to, at times traveling day and night. Often traveling for hours on unpaved bumpy roads, in rain, and on dry and dusty roads, I met 98 percent of the recipients.

We have decided that anybody who receives a wheelchair must receive it straight from me. That also means a lot of travels for me and a little bit more hard work. I do this for two reasons: 1. We need to touch, feel, and have a direct contact with the people who receive them and I can understand better through my own direct experience the realities of the lives of the disabled people. 2. That is the only way to guarantee that the wheelchairs go to the right person. Only on rare occasions have I allowed a representative of mine to go and distribute them.

To all who contributed and are still contributing towards this humanitarian course, ‘May you all be well and May you all be happy’.