50 Computers to Schools in Kenya

In today’s world computer skills are more and more an essential skill. Many who have no opportunity to have computer training are left behind in our technologically advancing world, especially the students of so called third world countries which include many African countries.

In the past we have had many programs to renovate schools, provide scholarships, school uniforms and text books to poor students, and donated computers where the need was greatest. We have recently shipped 50 computers from the US to Kenya and distributed 15 of them in Nov.07 in rural schools.

As part of Bhante Wimala’s 50th Birthday (coming up June 14, 2008) among many other programs to help needy, we are providing 50 computers and 50 scholarships to most needy students in many parts of the world.

Harvard Health Services and the Department of Transportation in Cambridge, MA in the USA have generously donated thirty five of the computers to Triple Gem Society. The 10th grade vocational students at Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School put the computers into good working order before they were shipped to Nairobi, Kenya. David Schouela from Cambridge, MA coordinated the computer project and he also participated in distribution of some of the computers in Kenya in Nov. 2007.

During the November visit to Kenya, Bhante with David participated in donating a total of 15 Pentium 2 and Pentium 3 and Pentium 4 computers to 8 elementary and secondary schools in the districts of Thika and Marangwa South located approx. 100 km outside of Nairobi. We also donated 4 computers to the Dagoretti Corner Rehabilitation Center (DCRC) in Nairobi. DCRC is a boarding school for 1200-orphaned children ranging in age from 4 to 22. It was wonderful to see the look on the children’s faces as we brought them the computers.

The arrangements are being made to donate the rest of the computers in January 2008 as the schools reopen after the Christmas break. Bhante Wimala will personally participate in handing over some of the computers to the schools.