A Moment to Reflect

Dear Friends and Students,

As the New Year begins I send you love and blessings from a peaceful and pure place in my heart and wish you good health and inner peace. I am grateful for our friendship, brother, sister-hood, and student – teacher relationship. Among billions of people on this planet you have been among the few special people to cross the path of my life. Thank you.

2005, one more year of life has passed. The past year, although it is gone, can be an important part of your life in the New Year. If you can run your mind through the past year and look at some of the experiences closely and honestly you will see that every experience can teach you something good and meaningful.

We all have experienced good things and bad things. We all have had happy moments, sad and painful moments. Most of us might have had wonderful relationships and good friendships and also painful and difficult relationships. How about love and hate or rejection and false accusations?

They are all part of realities of life that comes and goes in circles. Happy experiences teach us lessons of hope and help us to be passionate about life. Painful experiences can teach us lessons of courage, forgiveness and compassion.

Those who love us have thought us the beauty and the positive power of human spirit. Those who hate us or hurt us has thought us how to face the challenges of life and cultivate patience and tolerance. So, this might be very good time to reflect on the past year and see who and what will be a blessing in your life that will help you to become a better person in the new year. I hope you won’t let the past year go away without learning some positive lessons, something good from it.

The lessons that you learn through your life experiences can teach you powerful, practical lessons. They can make you wise and strong. But only if you can face them honesty and truthfully and only if you will take time to objectively reflect on them. Some of the most powerful and strongest lesions come from our won experiences. So see what you can learn from the past year, from your won pain and suffering and from your own joy and happiness. Can they bring something good and positive to the New Year? I wish that you will step into the New Year with some wisdom form the past and bit more wisdom from your heart.

With love and blessings,

Bhante Wimala