Award from the Commander of the Sri Lankan Navy

Over the years the Triple Gem Society has sponsored many ongoing projects to help the victims of war. Some of the continuing projects are:

  • Bhante Wimala traveled to many hospitals to visit those who were injured in the war.
  • Valuable medical equipment was donated to hospitals to better treat and care for war victims.
  • Many pairs of prosthetic limbs and crutches were donated to those who lost their legs or were no longer able to walk independently due to war injuries.
  • Thousands of meals were provided to the displaced people in refugee camps.
  • Much needed toilets were built in under equipped refugee camps.
  • Two thousand mosquito nets were distributed to families in war torn areas to help prevent the spread of disease.
  • Fifty children who lost their fathers or both parents in the war received scholarships and school supplies for four years.
  • A computer was donated to one of the girl’s homes in Colombo, which houses over 150 young orphans.

In our ongoing efforts to help the victims of war in Sri Lanka, this year we have been able to donate an arthroscopic surgery machine. Many who are wounded by land mines require joint operations. Since there is only one arthroscopy machine in the Sri Lankan government hospital, some people have to wait as much as nine months to one year to have arthroscopic surgery. If their conditions are severe, they must have a more invasive surgery, which means a greater risk of infection and a much longer hospital stay and recovery period. The equipment donated also included adaptations for pediatric surgeries, which will enable more advanced treatment options for the youngest victims of war. Our special thanks go to Patma Hemachandra who worked with the World Medical Relief Fund to obtain the arthroscopic machine. We also appreciate the generous donation of a surgical camera, at the cost of $1500.00, by David Schuella.