Bangladesh – Cyclone Relief Programs of Triple Gem Society

Cyclone Sidr that swept through southern Bangladesh November 15, 2007, was one of the worst natural disasters that have happened in Bangladesh in recent history. Close to 40,000 people died and over one million people were effected. You can only begin to imagine the shock, heartache and grief of so many displaced people.

Our efforts to help those whose lives were devastated by the destruction of Sidr brought relief to many families in many villages. As always, I am so grateful for all of your support as we work to bring peace and happiness to those suffering.

In April 2008, during the second stage of our relief efforts, we completed the following projects:

  • We built 19 new houses for 19 families who lost homes.
  • We reconstructed a village mosque in the village of Toshkhali in the Potuakhali district and 10 homes for those who were homeless.
  • We reconstructed a Buddhist temple and four houses in the village of Aung Ku Zan Para that was destroyed by the cyclone.
  • We reconstructed a Hindu temple in Potuakhali.
  • We provided financial help to four temples for their reconstruction efforts.
  • We built 19 toilets.

Completing these projects was in no way an easy task or without problems. We had to overcome many challenges and difficulties, first just to move around the country, then to arrange for construction. We are so glad to share the results of our efforts with all the kindhearted people who support the Triple Gem Society.

We completed these projects with contributions of many people, especially the fundraising efforts of Robert and Candy Rowen of Tampa, Florida who were involved from the very beginning of the Bangladesh program and have sponsored about 9 homes there.

We appreciate the efforts and support of Col. Atual Hasan who is the Senior National Representative of Bangladesh to the coalition forces in the U.S. Central Command. The Bangladesh army also deserves our gratitude for constructing some of our houses, especially Major General Mohammad Ashab Uddin, Area commander, Saver Area.

As always my heart felt gratitude to all those who sponsored homes or contributed to the humanitarian fund of TGS. Let us continue to share, care and express our compassion and love with real actions that change the lives of our fellow beings. May you all be blessed with inner peace and happiness.

With love and blessings,

Bhante Wimala