Bhante Wimala Honored by the City Council of Tacloban

In recognition of his many projects completed to help the people of Tacloban City (Philippines) who were devastated by the “super” typhoon this past November, Bhante Wimala was honored by the city council. The session was held in the Legislative building in the city hall in Tacloban city. The resolution honoring Bhante Wimala was read by city Vice-Mayor and the presiding officer Hon. Jerry T. Yaonkasin and unanimously approved by the legislative council.

In part, the Tacloban City resolution reads:

“Whereas Rev. Bhante Yatirawana Wimala is a Buddhist monk who travels the world crossing religious, racial and cultural boundaries;

Whereas, he is well-known throughout the world as compassionate spiritual teacher and extends tireless humanitarian projects all over the world;

Whereas he was requested by the Ambassador of Sri Lanka to help Yolanda victims in Tacloban City, for giving and repairing houses at Bliss Sagkahan, providing sanitation, school and health projects in the coastal areas of Tacloban, Resolve, we commend Rev. Bhante Wimala for his compassionate spiritual teachings and untarnished humanitarian service extended to the people of Tacloban City.”

After the council read the resolution Bhante was asked to address the council. In his address Bhante encouraged them to take advantage of the moment and organize and prepare plans not just to get through this disaster but to rebuild the devastated region with the long turn well-being and prosperity of all people in mind.

One of the things so special about Bhante and his efforts to help alleviate suffering all over the world is that he goes himself into the field and directly works with those who are effected by the disasters to solve problems and address their issues. After two visits to Tacloban, Philippines Bhante has several projects underway, and more starting. There are many opportunities for people around the world to extend compassion and real help to the people of the Philippines through the work of Bhante and the Triple Gem Society.

Thank you Bhante, for the work you do on behalf of all of us.

Rev. Carol Lawson