Bhante Wimala visits the Center for Spiritual Living in Morristown, New Jersey

We were delighted to have Bhante Wimala spend time at our Spiritual home, the Center for Spiritual Living in Morristown. He spoke about “Peace in Challenging Times,” a topic near and dear to many of our hearts. Indeed, the workshop was very well attended and the participants were clearly inspired.

“Peace in Challenging Times” focused on simple ways to change our attitudes and our approach toward the new economic reality as well as other challenges in our daily life. Bhante encouraged all of us to take control of our thoughts and find inner peace during a time when there is so much uncertainty. He highlighted positive ways to adjust our thinking with techniques we can use to achieve that. He demonstrated ways to think differently so we could better work together in harmony. He also stressed the importance of taking care of our spiritual, mental, and physical health.

Bhante posses a special gift of connecting with his audience and has an insightful way of knowing what the people in the room are needing to hear. He has an uplifting and humorous way in which he shares stories to illustrate his message.

Weeks later, people at our center are quoting Bhante, some of whom did not attend the workshop. They have heard the quotes from the people who did, which is a testament to his impact.

The workshop was wonderful and an addition to the people who attended. He has been requested to “return sooner than later and for a longer stay next time.” Some of the comments below are from those who attended the workshop.

“That is exactly what I needed to hear.”

“He is wonderful. He really touched me.”

“What a blessed event, we should have him again!”

“Today I was going to have an argument with my teenage daughter and I walked away. Then I remembered what Bhante said and let it go. The day with my daughter went much better.”

“Bhante was soooo great I felt Blessed to be in his presence and felt lifted energetically and spiritually.”

“Today at work I shared parts of his talk and read some of the sections to some of my therapy clients who needed to hear his message.”

“Bhante is an inspired spiritual speaker and teacher. He delivers his message in a way that is practical, human, and humorous. Some of his messages sneak up on you and you find yourself learning and laughing at the same time. We would recommend him to anyone who would like to have him and hope to have him back soon”.

It is clear from the comments and feedback from those that attended that the workshop was effective and worthwhile in helping to provide people the skills needed to cope with challenging times in a more peaceful way.