Boghawewa Village – Clearing the Land

We are glad to help the villagers of Bogahawewa village who are returning to their village after 20 years. When I was touring the war torn regions at the end of the war, I saw many problems for the people who were returning to their villages. One village in particular that I visited, Boghawewa village, the people had left their farms and homes almost 20 years ago, in the midst of heavy fighting between the military and the separatists. All this time they had no chance to return to this area because the separatists group occupied it.

When I met the villagers who were just returning, they were asking if I could help to clear their land because it was overgrown so heavily. It had turned into a jungle and there were no longer any homes, roads or farmland. After discussing with my friend, Brigadier Napagoda, who accompanied me, we decided to create a joint effort to help to clear the land. Brigadier Napagoda and I agreed that the military would supply the heavy equipment and soldiers to clear the land, and I would buy the fuel.

The military was interested in helping because the need was so urgent. People had so little means to clear the jungle and prepare their roads. So we helped the people of Boghawewa village to clear their land and I am grateful to Brigadier Napagoda for working with us to help these needy people.

The land continues to be cleared and people are setting up their huts, preparing their farms. This is one of the villages I would like to eventually help rebuild their homes.