Building Two Hindu Temples

We have completed and handed over the two Hindu temples we were building in Madukulam and Sinnathampan. The villagers and the devotees of the temple celebrated the opening of the temples with religious ceremonies and special events. I was glad to be there to share the joy of opening of the new temples.

As I have informed you earlier both temples were destroyed during the war and the poor villages had no means to rebuild the temples. Two generous students of mine, Mr. Perera and Mr. Hasmukh Dawda of Kenya and their families each sponsored a temple. We are grateful to Mr. Hasmukh Dawda and family and Mr. Perera and family for accepting my request for help and coming forward to bear the cost of the two new temples. Mr. and Mrs. Dawda traveled to Sri Lanka and participated in the joyous celebrations. Due to unavoidable reasons Mr. Perera was not able to participate in the special event.

The worshipers will surely bless them every day. They will also receive the blessings from the deities of the temples. I send them my blessings and wish them happiness and spiritual liberation for participating in this noble deed.

There were many who helped us directly and indirectly. As you might understand, challenges and difficulties were many especially because the two villages are situated in a remote region of Sri Lanka. To get there we had to travel on dirt roads that were at times slippery and difficult for supply trucks to pass.

We are especially grateful to the military officers who helped us from the beginning to the completion of the construction. Their support has helped us a grate deal to reduce the cost of the project. The division commander Brig. Kariyakarawana and the area commander Brig. Devendra provided leadership and supervised the project and organized the opening ceremony. May they all be well and happy.

Sinnathampan Temple

Madukulam Temple