United States

HeartWell Institute, Worcester, MA, USA

On March 7, 2014 the HeartWell Institute had the great privilege to host a one day retreat led by Venerable Bhante Wimala. Ven. Bhante shared his deep knowledge of the Dharma and presented ancient methods for peace building and cultivating wisdom and loving-kindness in daily life. Everybody who participated in this one day program found…

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Charlottesville, Virginia

“We were honored to host Bhante’s visit to Unity of Charlottesville in Charlottesville, VA in 2014. We were successful in arranging several venues for him to speak and teach. Bhante did an interview for the University of Virginia’s Contemplative Sciences Center, a program that is dedicated to academic research on different forms of meditation with…

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Triple Gem Society Prison Sangha Ministries

HISTORY AND BACKGROUND The seeds for Triple Gem Society prison dhamma work were first planted by Bhante Wimala in October 1998 with his involvement in the Prison Welfare Committee at the Walikada Women’s Prison in Colombo, Sri Lanka. This prison project focused on the construction and retro-fitting of an infant care center exclusively for female…

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