CECB General Manager Visits Kenya

Mr. Patmasiri, General Manager of Central Engineering Constancy Bureau (CECB) in Sri Lanka, visited Kenya and attended several meetings to discuss water resource management and hydropower projects. He was invited by Bhante Wimala and Hon. Mbau, a member of parliament.

Mr. Patmasiri, a close friend and student of Bhante, has been helping with many humanitarian projects in Sri Lanka.

CECB, the largest engineering firm in Sri Lanka, employs more than five hundred designers and engineers specializing in hydropower and water resource management. So when Bhante discussed the need to improve water resource management in Africa, Mr. Patmasiri took a great interest and volunteered to come on a fact-finding mission. He visited several constituencies and met with local water resource managers, members of parliament, and businessmen.

We hope our effort to provide water to the people of rural Kenya and improve the management of water resources will bring relief to many.