China Visit

At the invitation of Dr. Zhao Wei and family, Venerable Bhante Wimala visited China in June, 2010. This was Bhante’s first visit to China. This 6 day visit to the capital Beijing and northern city of Shenyang was sponsored by Dr. Zhao Wei and her family whom Bhante met at his Temple in Kenya. Dr. Zhao is a famous doctor of Chinese indigenous medicine, and part of a long lineage of famous Doctors, including one who treated the Emperor of China.

The highlight of his visit was touring some of the old Buddhist temples and walking the Great Wall of China. Bhante spoke with enthusiasm of his visit to China and of the families who hosted him and the kindness and the hospitality of the Chinese people. “This visit was a very positive experience and I was happy and very interested in both the people and the places I visited. China is a big country and I would like to return to spend more time. I had a wonderful time hiking in the huge forest land of the ancient Buddhist temple in Beijing. Maybe I can spend more time walking the Great Wall next time.”

These are some of the special places Bhante visited.

  • In Shengyang “Hua Sheng Si? temple and “San Qing Gong” Taoist temple
  • “Wo Long Chan Si? temple.
  • In Beijing “Hong Luo Si” Monastry and forest preserve.