Construction of Another Hindu Temple

As we rebuilt the Periyakulam village, which was destroyed by war, I decided to build a temple for them as well. The villagers, who are Hindu, had no place to worship and were doing their prayer and worship under a tree. Since they were all poor and could not afford to build the temple we decided to build a small new temple for them.

I had several meetings with the village head and discussed the details. They prepared plans and rituals for setting up a new temple according to their customs and beliefs. By the time we fished the construction of the homes the temple was also ready.

Just after handing over the keys to the villagers, they opened the temple and held their first ceremony to bless the guests and the sponsor Mr. Perera. The night before the opening they had an overnight blessing ceremony, the cost of which we were also glad to sponsor.

Prior to this one we have sponsored three Hindu Temples, two in Eastern Sri Lanka that were destroyed by a Tsunami and one in Bangladesh which was destroyed by a deadly cyclone.