Construction of the Sixth Hindu Temple in Sri Lanka

I am very glad to share with you the good news that we have rebuilt the Hindu Temple in Sinnathampan Village and have handed it over to the community with a grand opening ceremony on the 4th of May, 2013. With the sole sponsorship of Mr. Perera and family, we were able to complete the work in a year-and-a-half. I am grateful to all the people who supported me in many ways and helped us to overcome the many challenges that arose during the construction of the temple

After receiving a request from the community, I visited the Sinnathampan Village and met with the villagers, who are Hindus. Since the temple was very badly damaged, we decided to take down the old one, which was not safe, and rebuild it completely. As with most of my projects, I was involved in every little decision from the beginning till the completion of the temple.

I have made three trips to Sri Lanka just for this project. First, to meet the community, discuss the details, appoint supervisors and chose contractors. The second trip was to supervise the progress of the construction and resolve any issues. The third visit was for the opening ceremony.

I am grateful to our generous sponsor, Mr. Perera, for his patience, understanding and trust in me, as the project took much longer than expected to complete. I am especially grateful to Brig. Napagod for managing the funds. Brig. Dhrmasiri, who is the area commander of the Army, was always available and willing and communicated with me often. He provided the troops to help us throughout the project, which saved us a lot of money. Under his leadership, they did landscaping, built a fence around the property and worked day and night to prepare for the opening ceremony.

In the past three years, I have taken up many projects to help the war-ravaged villages of Sri Lanka and the communities affected by 30 years of war. Sinnathampan Village is located in the Vavnia district. In 2009, the war ended. We named this temple “Peace Temple” because, as we help the people to get their lives back to normal, we want to promote peace and communal harmony in Sri Lanka.