Continuing Assistance to the Campaign Against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Recently we have donated more funds and a computer to the Wajir district of Kenya as part of our ongoing efforts to stop FGM. It is a sad thing to note that such barbaric acts of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) are still practiced in many remote areas in Africa. In some parts of Kenya , in particular, has this age-old practice still going on.

We have been engaged with various organizations that campaign against FGM through donations of kind and cash.  ?Mother Kind’, is one of the organizations that we have been working with to eradicate this menacing custom.   It started as a group of four women who were greatly against FGM.  The organization focuses on campaigning to bring awareness of the problems brought about by FGM.  I have visited this remote area four times and we were the first organization to help the women to spread the message.

We have sponsored equipment and seminars.  Recently, we got good news on how the computer we had donated to them last year had been useful to the organization.  It is helping them type in their works like internal memos, external memo, reports etc.  In March of this year we provided them a new color printer since the old printer they had broken down.

Commenting on the recent seminars that we sponsored, Shamsha, the program director said, “The programs were attended by doctors, nurses, community health workers and the local community leaders.  They all jointly participated in the awareness campaign.  After the seminars, the response from the local folks was positive and the people who were afraid to speak about it got the confidence to stand up and speak against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) boldly.”

Since I have been present in several such seminars in the past I could really relate to her statement. This is the kind of good news we want to hear from them. If we can provide women a platform to voice their pain and problems and help them be “bold” in rejecting FGM, I believe this age-old problem can be eradicated.

As part of our campaign against FGM we also have sponsored T-shirts with “SAY NO TO FGM” written on them. I received several T-shirts for me which of cause I do not think I will be wearing.

Since I had no time to travel to Wajir district on my visit to Kenya on my last trip Program director Shamsha traveled from Wajir to Nairobi by bus to meet me. She presented a report and discussed with me the future plans to stop FGM. For her it is a difficult 8-hour bus ride to Nairobi . I am glad that she took the trouble to come all the way to Nairobi . She provided a full report of activities and progress and expenses. I was satisfied with the progress and accounting reports she presented.

I am thankful to Father Alex for managing the money. From the very beginning of our program Catholic church of Wajir has help us to manage money. Whenever I visited Wajir I stayed in the Catholic Church. I am so grateful to the priests for their support. Although a Catholic Church, Buddhist monk and groups of Muslim women makes an odd group we work in perfect harmony with great respect for one another.

To all who support Triple Gem Society, especially for those who are involved with this project, “May you all be well and May you all be happy”.