Day Care Center Renovation

Barangay(Village) 85, San Jose is one of the Barangay in Tacloban City, Philippines which was devastated by typhoon Haiyan, specially cause great damage to the day care center for children which is situated near the coast of Cancabato Bay. The community claimed that although seven months had passed since the disaster ruined the city nobody had helped them to rebuild the day care center.

Because of the urgent need of a day care center for the community, the barangay officials and day care center teacher humbly appealed to Rev. Bhante Yatirawana Wimala to help to renovate their day care center. A project proposal and barangay resolution were made by the Barangay Council headed by Chairman Dionisio Daantos and was presented to Rev. Bhante Wimala. Without hesitation, whole heartedly he supported the barangay to address the children’s needs for education.

The construction of the day care center was done with the supervision of the barangay officials and day care center teacher to make sure that it is done properly.

During the next visit of Rev. Bhante Y. Wimala to Tacloban City, specifically in Barangay 85, San Jose, the day care center was inaugurated with the appearance of some officials from the city government of Tacloban and Barangay Councils. The Reverend Bhante felt delighted when he saw the beautifully renovated center and the children in the community already using the place as their room for learning. Parents and teachers were also happy that their children were able to continue their education and give them hope, life and joy to their young minds.

Indeed, the entire community was so grateful to the Rev. Bhante Wimala of Triple Gem Buddhist Society. We are also grateful and thankful to Bob Lenhardt and Zayda Vallejo who are the founders of the Heartwell Institude in MA, USA. At the request of Rev. Bhante Wimala Bob and Zayda raised funds with their friends and family for this valuable project. We appreciate their very kind and sympathetic response towards the typhoon Haiyan victims.