Dedication of the Second Health Care Center

On the 11th of August 2009 at 9.30am in a simple dedication ceremony we dedicated the second Healthcare Center (hospital) we built for the displaced people of war. Taking care of the medical needs of over 300 thousand homeless people who live in temporary shelters is a big challenge for the government of Sri Lanka. Not having proper facilities is causing a lot of stress for the medial professionals.

We are glad to let you know the opening of the second health care center in Sumathi puram IDP camp where 1500 families are living in tents. Partly sponsored by our Triple Gem Society Humanitarian Fund, the building consists of a maternity room, a dispensary, a drug storage room, a patient care room and a doctor’s office. The project was constructed by Buddhika Construction Company in six weeks.

For the month prior to our opening, the doctors were treating their patients in uncomfortable plastic tents. In my previous visits I saw the difficulties they go through due to no having the proper facilities available. They were happy to move their equipment to the new building. This health care center will make a big difference, not only for the patients who receive care, but for the doctors and health care professionals who were taking care of them under these difficult conditions.

As you might easily understand, hard work of many people made it possible for us to complete this second health care center. We always are grateful to all our sponsors and supporters. I am especially thankful to Commander Sampath Peris (Navy) for attending the special dedication ceremony.

May you all be well and happy