Distributing More Wheelchairs and Crutches in Kenya

In August of 2010, we donated 5 wheel chairs, 20 pairs of crutches and 4 walkers to the disabled community in Thika Town, Kenya. Thika is located approximately 50 miles from the capital of Nairobi. Ms. Alice Nganga organized the distribution of wheelchairs and accompanied Bhante for the event. We are glad to let you know so far we have donated over three hundred and sixty wheelchairs to the most needy in Africa.

Distributing wheelchairs and crutches is incredibly fulfilling work because the disabled are otherwise crawling or being carried. They have no mobility, and no way to afford a wheelchair or crutches. Our gift changes their lives.

Bhante visits Kenya three to four times a year to attend humanitarian projects and teach at the Nairobi Buddhist temple. He is expected to return to Kenya again at the end of November 2010.

Bhante would like to thank Ms. Alice Nganga for organizing the event.