Drinking Water for Earthquake Victims

As we continue our humanitarian mission to help earthquake victims in Nepal, our main focus has been on food, water, clothing and temporary shelters. During the earthquake, a lot of main water pipes were broken and many regions had water problems. There was a shortage of drinking water and many people had to wait in line for hours to get a can of water.

From May 12th through July 12th we were able to supply drinking water for the people in four different regions in the badly devastated Bungamathi area. With the pipes broken, the water tanks were empty. We needed to make special arrangements to bring in water by special water tanker trucks.

We were able to fill four 7,000 liter drinking water tanks as needed for one month ending the 12th of June, 2015. The four water tanks are located in Machindra Bahala, Gvandre, Dhoka Pini, and Adharsa High School.

Mr. Dinesh, who is managing our drinking water project in the Bungamathi area, continues to provide water on an as needed basis to date. From time to time, I clear the bills. I am very thankful to Mr. Dinesh for his tireless work to fulfill my commitment to provide drinking water. There were many logistical issues because of constant aftershocks, damaged roads, and a shortage of transportation. Yet Mr. Dinesh managed to overcome many difficulties and make sure the tanks got filled. Often he communicated with me over the phone. We still continue to supply drinking water to some of these locations.

When I first arrived at this devastated region and I saw the women who were standing in line next to the empty water tanks, I felt so bad. I spoke with the women and listened to the difficulties they have to go through because of the lack of drinking water. Although one organization had promised to deliver water, villagers were complaining that sometimes they have to wait three days to get their tanks filled. I spent a bit of time to find a way to make sure that they get water every day. After many phone calls and several discussions with those who are supposed to distribute water, I appointed Mr. Dinesh and instructed him to make sure that the water tanks get filled in time daily. He sure has being doing an excellent job.