Eye Clinic and Eye Glasses for IDPs

On the 16th of July, an Eye Clinic was held for the IDPs (Internally displaced persons) of war in Veerapuram IDP camp in Vavnia. After an entire day of vision testing, 240 of the most needy people were chosen to receive eye glasses. The glasses were distributed on July 20th, the auspicious occasion of the dedication of the new Health Care Center. It was the first event held in the brand new Health Care Center. Given the success of this project and the magnitude of the need in the camps, we are planning to provide eye care for the IDPs in other zones and have already arranged to distribute more eye glasses.

This first eye clinic was held at the request of the doctor in charge of the area. When Bhante met with the doctor, she informed him of the urgent need for eye care for the people displaced from the war zone. Even though many of them were unable to read without eye glasses, due to the travel restrictions they were unable to leave the IDP camps to get the care they needed.

Bhante visited the eye clinic on the 16th and personally participated in distributing the eye glasses on the 20th of July. Some of the reading glasses were donated by Rev. Carol Lawson of Center for Conscious Living in Moorestown New Jersey. Rev. Carol and her congregation have been supporting our humanitarian efforts for many years. Our heart felt gratitude goes out to Rev. Carol and her congregation in New Jersey.