Eyeglasses for War Veterans

For the past few months we have been trying to extend our compassion to all who have been affected by the war in Sri Lanka. The devastation of war has far-reaching effects; everywhere we travel, people have been harmed and adversely affected in so many ways. This time we were able to turn our attention toward helping some of the veterans of war.

Over the past two months, we have conducted eye clinics providing examinations, medical care, and eyeglasses to many of the displaced persons in the IDP Camps. This is the first time we were able to offer these same services to the war veterans.

At the request of Col. Talwatta, our optometrist traveled to the far north of the country to the villages of Mahakacchikulam and Puliyamkulam. On October 23rd, 2009 we held eye clinics in two of the military camps. Bhante met with the 60 grateful recipient veterans and participated in distributing much needed eyeglasses.