Green Projects Continue

The rainy season in northern Sri Lanka has just begun. This is the perfect time for planting trees. As part of our ongoing Green Project series, on Dec. 2nd 2009, Bhante participated in planting more than 50 fruit and coconut trees in northern Sri Lanka. This project was completed under the supervision and leadership of Col. Namal Bandara. This effort, although relatively small, will have far-reaching implications for both the people of the region as well as the environment.

Throughout the world, most cultures are recognizing the importance of nature and biodiversity ? or the variety of life on Earth. When there are more plant species, for example, productivity is improved, there are a greater variety of crops, and the earth can better recover from any disasters. In much of the world, human activity is causing extinction of species and deterioration of the environment.

Due to the many years of war in Sri Lanka, large geographic areas in the north had been abandoned and forests have been destroyed. As the government resettlement programs continue people are moving back to their villages. We hope that our efforts to plant fruit and coconut trees will have a positive effect on the people who are returning as well as on the environment. Teaching sustainable development by example will hopefully encourage the residents to help maintain the fragile balance between people and the world they inhabit and depend upon.