Healthcare Centers for War Victims

As part of our effort to ease the suffering of the people who were affected by war we are building two healthcare centers in two IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camps. Each camp has 1,400 families who all live in tents on the newly cleared land. I consider this effort one of the most urgent needs at the moment.

Already people are facing considerable health problems. With the rainy season approaching, we are concerned not only of them getting proper medical care but also having proper medical care facilities. We would like to build healthcare facilities in as many camps as possible. We are looking for sponsors to build a few more of them.

We already have a master plan. Contractors are ready to start building more facilities any time. We have already chosen two more camps and are also planning to start building at least two more healthcare centers within the next few days.

The Sri Lankan government has the enormous responsibility of taking care of 300,000 people who have been displaced by war. Now the war has ended and we all need to participate in helping the victims of war to have a normal life again. But first we need to take care of their basic needs.

To organize a project like this requires an extreme amount of effort including agreements, contracts, and finances organized in a timely manner. I am happy we have been able to organize everything so quickly by having generous contractors who have agreed to work double shifts with extra people working constantly in order to finish two clinics in two weeks. Also, the supervision of the military has helped expedite the process as they provide any assistance needed (logistical, material, etc.). Because of all of these efforts, we will be able to complete the project in two weeks; the buildings will be handed to us by the contractors on the 14th of July. I will be in Sri Lanka to open the first medical camp on the 17th of July.

Health is the greatest wealth and so it is one of the noblest things that we can do to help those who suffer from illness and sickness. Because of this, I encourage everyone to support or participate in these efforts. Again, I am grateful and thankful to all of supporters of the Triple Gem Society.