Healthcare for the Poor

Imagine how it would feel if you were to be sick and could not get medical care and you had to suffer day after day for a long period of time because you don’t have money to pay for medicine. There are so many people on this planet who cannot afford medical care, the fee for doctors, money for medicine, a hospital stay or transportation to health care centers and so on. I have had shocking experiences in Africa, seeing how some people suffer so much, and live in pain because they can not pay for the health care. I believe that the access to health care is one of the basic human rights. Because of my personal experience of the health care problems in Africa, from time to time when we are able, we have medical camps and sponsor projects that serve the health care needs of the poorest people there.

Our last medical camp was held in Maragua district in one of the poorest areas of Kenya on the 1st of Oct. 2007. On this special day over 1, 500 people were treated for many health care problems. Six people also were chosen and sent to Nairobi for Cataract operations. I was so happy to participate in this noble event. I got an opportunity to speak to some of the people who were benefiting from our services and their gratitude extends to all of you who have helped.

We sponsored special eye-care team of four to come from Nairobi. The rest of the health care team included, four doctors, including a pediatrician, three nurses, three pharmacists and 3 medical assistants. The medical camp was sponsored by the Buddhist Mahavihara of Malaysia in memory of late Ven. K. Sri. Dhammananda. I knew Ven. Dhammanada personally and it was a great honor to organize and participate in this special event in his memory. I am especially grateful to Hon. Mbau, the member of parliament for Maragua, who not only assisted us in every possible way but also personally attended the event.

Please continue your support of these wonderful projects.