Heart to Heart: Donating Another Heart Monitor

Muranga District Hospital receives its first heart monitor.

On the 13th of February, Triple Gem Society donated a multipurpose heart monitor to Muranga Hospital along with other essential life saving equipment. Bhante Wimala presented the machine to the medical director of the hospital and it was immediately put to good use! This District Hospital, which conducts all kinds of surgical procedures, has never had the luxury of such equipment to monitor patient safety during an operation. The medical director and all the other doctors present to receive the heart monitor were extremely exited to have the life saving machine.

The medical superintendent of the hospital, Dr. Charles Kigo, thanked Bhante Wimala and the Triple Gem Society by saying:

“All these years we have been monitoring our patients manually during and after operations. This equipment becomes especially important because now we can handle major operations comfortably. I can guarantee you that this donation will help save many lives.”

In order to donate such a valuable, life saving machine many people worked hard. Their compassion, support and generosity make it possible for us to accomplish such noble deeds. We would like to share the Merits with everyone who supports our humanitarian projects.

Items Donated
Item Description
Portable oxygen concentrator
Patient cardiac monitor
Trachiostomy tubes
Dry chest drains
Patient trolley for cardiac monitor
Portable light
Intravenous catheters
1 bag
Suction catheter pediatrics
1 bag
Bacterial filters