Helping Emergency Medical Doctors

In Ulaambaator, Mongolia, we have renovated and refurbished an emergency medial doctors facility. Two brand new advanced computers have also been donated to replace some of the old ones.

I received a request from Dr. Altanzagas Adyasuren from the Emergency Medical Service Center in Songino Khairahan, Mongolia. She described the challenges the doctors face every day, working in an unsuitable, small space. Dr. Altanzagas said “after working all night, some of the doctors have to wait in line to get to a computer to write their reports. We work in a very small and uncomfortable facility”.

After receiving her request I was glad to organize necessary finances to renovate a new room and refurbish it with suitable furniture and two brand new computers.

Dr. Altanzagas took responsibility to manage the work and organize the purchasing and furnishing of the room. On March 18, 2015 I attended the inauguration of the new room with the emergency medial services director of Mongolia, Mr. Purevdash and the team of emergency doctors of the Metropolitan Emergency Medical Service Center.

Expressing his gratitude, the medical director said “On behalf of the Mongolian people, I would like to express my gratitude to Venerable Bhante Wimala for his generous contribution.”

I gratefully appreciate the kindhearted financial support of Perera family who provided the funds to cover the total cost of this noble project. May they be well and happy.