Helping The Teachers

Triple Gem Society was able to donate a computer to the teachers of Kigumo district in Kenya to help them to continue their education. Following is the letter received form the co-coordinator of the program Mr. John Kihu

Dear Venerable Bhante Wimala,

First, I wish to thank you greatly for your favorable response to our request for the donation of a computer to our teachers.

The beneficiaries are a group of primary school teachers from Kigumo Division of Maragwa district. They have enrolled for degree courses at the University of Nairobi (UON) as external students, where they report for the
lessons mainly during the school holidays (April, August and December). Their endeavour is to upgrade their studies from being Diploma holders in teaching to degree holders in the academic field. The three year courses they are pursuing will enable them to upgrade themselves from being primary School teachers to high school teachers, hence better remunerations.

As they have a lot of assignments in the course of the year, the requirement is that these have to be submitted to their lecturers / Professors whiletyped, preferably by computer.

Before the donation of your computer individual teachers were spending a lot of money getting their assignments typed by “outsourcing” the services. For example, students in English literature who normally make submissions of 20-30 pages per assignment would spend 20pgsxKsh 40.00 = Kshs800.00. This, for a teacher with a net pay of Kshs4000/= per month is a big drain on their incomes.With the association having about 35 teachers, the savings accruing from the Donation is immense. The same will now be utilized in other more pressing family budget issues like better nourishment.

Once again our organization, KIGUMO SONGA MBELE INITIATIVE, (KISMI) on behalf of the teachers do salute you for this precious gift, as well as wish you God’s blessings in all your Philanthropist endeavors. We also cannot forget about the wonderful wheel chairs that you did donate to eight disabled in Kigumo, who surely fall under the less fortunate members of our society.

These are societal members normally forgotten but all the same, Gods special creation. Once again, KISMI joins hands with our community in thanking you mightily for these truly heart felt efforts of empathizing with us.


Coordinator KISMI