Homes for 100 Families – Already Under Construction

We are delighted to announce that the construction of homes for 100 families is already under way and expected to finish on the 30th of June, 2009. One of our frequent and most generous donors Mr. Anura Perera has provided us the funds needed for the first 100 homes.

We have signed contracts with two separate companies, both of whom have experience building these types of semi-permanent houses. The first company, the Buddhika Constrction Co. is building 50 units for 50 families, all of which will be completed on the 30th of June. Representing Triple Gem Society, the chairperson of TGS Sri Lanka, Achala Sudasinghe, has signed the contract for seven million Sri Lankan rupees.

In addition, our bank account and all of the money we spend is under the supervision of High Court Judge Hon. Bandula Karunaratne. The second contract, worth seven million Sri Lankan Rupees, was signed on June 11th with Durra Building Systems (Pvt.) Ltd. This company will also be constructing 50 units, which again will be completed on the 30th of June.

In addition to the 100 families we are currently helping, Bhante Wimala is also looking for sponsors for 50 more families. The land for these additional homes has already been reserved and the contract agreements are ready. All we need now are generous supporters. Please contact us if you, or someone you know, might be interested in becoming a part of this noble need which will alleviate suffering of the innocent victims of war.

?When I saw the struggle of the people who were displaced by war and the urgent need of housing for them, we set our minds to build homes at least for two hundred fifty families. In this critical moment which has ended the 30 year war in Sri Lanka, I believe that we should do everything in our power to help those who have suffered so long to get lives back to normal?.