Honors and Awards

Humanitarian Award from the Members of Parliament in Kenya

“The impact of Venerable Bhante Wimala’s humanitarian work has changed the lives of many Kenyans. His work has transformed many people and given them hope. We all are grateful to Bhante Wimala for his compassionate heart and the extraordinary and difficult work he has done to help our people. We are very happy to offer…

Award from the Commander of the Sri Lankan Navy

Over the years the Triple Gem Society has sponsored many ongoing projects to help the victims of war. Some of the continuing projects are: Bhante Wimala traveled to many hospitals to visit those who were injured in the war. Valuable medical equipment was donated to hospitals to better treat and care for war victims. Many…

Honor from Vishva Niketan Peace Centre in Sri Lanka


Meeting the Supreme Patriarch of Thailand

A Gift from the Minister to the Thai Prime Minister’s Office

Addressing the UNDV Conference in Bangkok, Thailand – 2007

An Honor from the Sri Lankan Navy