Humanitarian Award from the Members of Parliament in Kenya

“The impact of Venerable Bhante Wimala’s humanitarian work has changed the lives of many Kenyans. His work has transformed many people and given them hope. We all are grateful to Bhante Wimala for his compassionate heart and the extraordinary and difficult work he has done to help our people. We are very happy to offer him this cup of honor on behalf of our people.” – Members of Kenya Parliament

In May 2007 Bhante Wimala was honored with a “cup of honor” by the members of the Kenya Parliament. The event, which was held in the Jakaranda Hotel in Nairobi, was attended by over 20 members of Parliament. On the special occasion addressing the members, Bhante Wimala thanked them including Hon. Mbau, the Member of Parliament from Maragua, for their support in helping him to reach the poor, sick, needy and underprivileged people all over Kenya.

Bhante has been engaged in humanitarian projects in Kenya for over 10 years. Following are some of the projects: medical camps and medical care, cataract operations, wheelchairs (295 wheelchairs have been donated so far), crutches (over 250 pair of crutches have been donated), prosthetic limbs, scholarships for girls, helping stop female genital mutilation in Wajir district, providing medical equipment such as incubators, oxygen concentrators, blood drawing chairs, blood pressure machines, birthing beds and so on. Two birthing rooms in two hospitals have been equipped, two schools were renovated, fundus cameras and much other valuable eye equipment were provided, malaria prevention initiatives were instituted, orphaned children were helped and many more projects were carried out.

Triple Gem Staff