Inauguration of 7th Daycare Center, Tacloban City, Philippines

Barangay 25 Day Care is the seventh daycare center in Tacloban City that has been rebuilt by Rev. Bhante Y. Wimala for Typhoon Haiyan survivors. It was inaugurated on September 27, 2015, and will provide daycare facilities for 60 children a day, five days a week. The daycare center is an example of Rev. Wimala’s continued efforts to help children who belong to poor communities.

“Before Rev. Wimala rebuilt the daycare center the children were learning under very difficult and unsafe conditions,” said Ms. Marites Ronda, teacher at Barangay 25 Day Care Center. “Government leaders knew how bad the conditions were but none of them helped us to rebuild our daycare center, which was badly damaged by Typhoon Haiyan.”

Ms. Ronda could not hold her tears back as she emotionally delivered her heartfelt thanks to Rev. Wimala during the inauguration. “Now it is more conducive to learning, with a bright colored wall and cement floor with tiles. Parents and children are very happy and excited to start a new day with a very nice and comfortable learning center. We are so blessed to receive this beautiful center. The children are also happy because they received the school supplies form Rev. Wimala. Everything he did for us with care and love is greatly appreciated and we will always remember him,” Ms. Ronda said with tears of joy.

Embracing the new beginning, the Village Chairman and other Barangay officials gave their warmest thanks to Rev. Wimala for his kindhearted efforts to build a beautiful and comfortable place for the most needy children of the community. The daycare center was sponsored by the Triple Gem Society humanitarian fund, of which Rev. Wimala is the president and the spiritual director.