Initiation Ceremony in Nairobi, Kenya

On Saturday the 17th of May, 10 of Bhante Wimala’s students in Nairobi, Kenya formally became Buddhists. They all participated in a seven day Buddhist Study program, a mini course on fundamentals of Buddhism, which was taught by Bhante. 40 people participated in the program including the 10 students who chose to become Buddhist.

A very simple, private program was prepared to welcome them into Buddhism and the initiation ceremony was not open to the public. All the students were educated adults who have chosen Buddhism to be their spiritual path and did so on their own free will. They came from diverse backgrounds. They were Africans, Indians of African origin, and Chinese who are residents of Kenya.

To accommodate the growing interest in Buddhism in Africa, Bhante Wimala has held initiation ceremonies several times in the past. The Nairobi Buddhist temple is the only Buddhist temple in Kenya. A peaceful, beautiful atmosphere provides a sanctuary for truth seekers and spiritual practitioners of all racial, ethnic, and national backgrounds.