Jumdhi Village Gets Drinking Water

Bhante Wimala has inaugurated his 6th water project to provide water for the devastated earthquake victims in Nepal. This time we were able to provide drinking water for 120 families who live in Jamdhi village ward #1,3 and 5.

After receiving a request for the drinking water project, Bhante Wimala visited Jamdhi. He saw how 120 families who lost their water source from the earthquake were struggling to get enough drinking water for their families and animals. The families walked 2 km and carried drinking water up the mountain to their homes on a narrow, dangerous path.

Principal Ganesh said, “Most of the students have no time to do homework because after school they need to go down the hill to carry water. Often it would take about one and half hours to three hours for one trip. Some children even miss school.”

With the help of an engineer, the designs and plans were prepared to bring water about 2 km up to the mountain village from a new source.

At a new water spring, a new 32 thousand liter holding tank was built. A heavy duty pump was installed to pump water up the mountain and a power line was brought to the new source to power the pump. A new pipeline was laid in to bring water to the village and a water tap was built in the village.

On the day of inauguration, none of the families went to work or school. Playing traditional drums and horns, they danced and sang songs. It was like a wedding ceremony.

Every family member of the village either gave Bhante fresh flowers, put fresh flower garlands on him, or threw flower petals on him saying, “you are our god, we will always remember you.” The villagers got together and wrote a poem and a song which was sung as the young girls danced to the beat of traditional drums. The inauguration ended with a traditional meal for everybody in the area which was sponsored by Bhante Wimala.

The financial assistance was provided by Mr. Anura Perera and family to cover the total cost of the project. Bhante Wimala expressed his gratitude and shared his blessings with the Perera family. He also remembered and shared his blessings with the project manager Dinesh who worked tirelessly in very difficult conditions to complete the water project often communicating with Bhante by phone every day.