Kindergarten School Building

A letter from the Principal:

Dear Venerable Bhante Wimala,

We, the families of Yasodhara Secondary School, would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to you for constructing two kindergarten classrooms in our school.

These classrooms will help to facilitate the children who have been displaced by the recent earthquake in Nepal.

We immensely appreciate all your great humanitarian services for the victims of the 25th April 2015 earthquake.

The Principal

Ramila Shakya

We were very glad to build two kindergarten classrooms for 30 young children in Paran. The building for the kindergarten in the school was damaged by the earthquake and condemned by the engineers. The school was not a safe building for the kindergarten children to spend the day. The semi-permanent building we built was safe and mothers did not have to worry about children getting hurt from any aftershocks.

Yasodara School is located in the city of Partan in Kathmandu, Nepal. One of their buildings, where they used to have a kindergarten school, was damaged by the earthquake and engineers had marked the building red which means they could not use it anymore. The principal Ramila Sakya approached me and requested that I build two kindergarten classrooms so she could accommodate the young children.

I immediately visited the school and set up a meeting with the carpenters. Together, we designed a very simple semi-permanent building with two classrooms. The principal, Ramila, took the responsibility of managing the construction. Within two weeks, the building was completed. I was glad to attend the opening ceremony with seven other Buddhist monks and several nuns from Sumangal Temple where I stayed during my visit to Nepal. As we blessed the building and the children the mothers and teachers were so happy and felt a deep sense of gratitude.

My gratitude to all our sponsors and the team of monks who supported me during my visit to Nepal.