Lessons of the Lotus

Practical Spiritual Teachings of a Traveling Buddhist Monk

By Bhante Y. Wimala

“Bhante Wimala’s heartfelt concern for the suffering and the simple remedies he draws from the Buddha’s teachings will be a source of strength for everyone confused by the pressures of modern life.”
– From the Forward by His Holiness The Dalai Lama


An introduction to Buddhism for those looking for daily encounters with spirituality, “Lessons Of The Lotus” combines the simplicity of Thich Nhat Hahn with the wisdom and humor of Jack Kornfield. Through chapters on karma, transitory death, giving, and relationships, among others, Wimala introduces readers to the practicality and beauty of Buddhism, infusing each topic with his humor and strikingly resonant message of peace.

A guide for people who are searching for spirituality, Lessons of the Lotus helps readers find their individual paths by exploring the nature of spirituality with ways of making it relevant to their daily lives.

These ways include specific meditations, mind-body techniques, visualizations, and reflections. Beyond a rich resource of spiritual practice, this book helps people bring the fruits of their spiritual growth to their relationships, careers, and other aspects of living. Through numerous examples, readers see how the insight, patience, love, understanding, and peace of their practice can touch their daily lives and transform them forever. Each chapter includes a section called “Ask Yourself” that is designed to stimulate reflection on the topic and invite the reader to participate actively in defining their spirituality. Specific chapters cover topics such as karma, transitory death, giving, and relationships with family and loved ones.

The Lotus, Bhante Wimala points out, through rising from mud and murky water, blossoms into a beautiful flower. Through his inspirational writing, Wimala encourages us to follow the example of the lotus by growing through our own pain, delusions and fear to discover the pure and brilliant lotus within ourselves. Opening each chapter with thought-provoking questions and a brief mediation, Wimala invites you to quiet your mind and open your heart to a new way of looking at yourself and the world around you that will change your life forever.

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