Letters of Congratulations



Rev. Dr. Carol Lawson,
Centre for Conscious Living,
Moorestown, NJ,

Reverend Madam,

I am in receipt of your invitation.

As we all know, some great human beings grace this planet from time to time and they serve not only for the mankind, but for the whole cross section of the planet’s life. Ven. Bhante Wimala Thero belongs to this rare breed. Those of us who had the benefit of his association should help others who are at a distance to get closer to him for their own well being. He carries the message of the Lord Buddha while travelling from country to country serving the most deserving. I had the opportunity to be benefitted by his ‘Dhamma Desana” in Nairobi which helped develop my thinking pattern drastically.

As a Sri Lankan, I have a special reason to rejoice on this occasion of conferment of “Sangha Nayaka” of the United States of America, Czech Republic and Republic of Kenya with prestigious ‘Samadutta” award on him at the special ceremony you have organized in New York on Saturday 30th October 2010.

While thanking you and the Organizing Committee for this spontaneous undertaking, I deeply regret my inability to be present at the ceremony due to unavoidable circumstances. However, I kindly request you to convey, on our behalf, the heartiest congratulations and best wishes from Kenya to Ven. Bhante Wimala Nayaka Thero on that memorable occasion.

I thank you once again for the kind invitation and for your meritorious commitment.

Respectfully yours,

Jayantha Dissanayake

High Commissioner of Sri Lanka in Kenya.


Message from the Members of Parliament in Kenya

On behalf of hundreds and thousands of Kenyans who were effected and transformed by your kindness, magnanimity and dedication we are delighted to offer our congratulations on this occasion of your appointment as chief monk to the United States of America Czech Republic and Kenya.

We greatly appriciate your tireless work and the achievements in Kenya and around the world.

May goodness and mercy follow you all the days of your life as you continue to selflessly serve the cause for humankind! For your Commitment and selfless service, May you forever be well and happy as you continue to serve on the higher vocation of CHIEF MONK to the mankind.

We remain, yours most sincerely,

Hon. Elias P. Mbau, Member of parliament for Maragua constituency

Hon. Joseph Kiuna, member of parliament for Molo constituency

Hon. B.C. Mutrui Mwangi, Member of parliament for Kiharu constituency


Triple Gem Society
Board of Directors
486 Ewing Street
Princeton, NJ 08540

October 28, 2010

Venerable Bhante Y. Wimala
486 Ewing Street
Princeton, NJ 08540

Dear Bhante,

Congratulations on being named Head Monk of the United States, Czech Republic and Kenya. You have been bestowed this prestigious honor because you are recognized for your long standing commitment and dedication to bringing the teachings of the Buddha to a thirsty world. Additionally, your heartfelt passion and tireless efforts for humanitarian work have brought countless blessings to so many who have been served worldwide.

As the Board of Trustees of the Triple Gem Society, we are privileged to serve in support of all your good works. But beyond that, and personally, we would each like to express our gratitude and appreciation of the enormous gift of your presence in our lives. We are touched and inspired by the depth of love, resourcefulness and personal care that you always share so freely.
On this, your special day, we honor you, we bless you and we thank you!

Peace and Blessings,

Triple Gem Board of Directors
Maureen Power
Stephanie Breyfogle
Steve Arnsdorff
Laurie Taylor


On the occasion of this honorable event for my Venerable Teacher, Bhante Wimala:

With words of gratitude and deep appreciation, I join in the resounding voices of all who have been given the gift of The Dhamma by Ven. Bhante Wimala. Bhante Wimala is one who had made a “difference” in my life. His sharing The Dhamma, his kindness and generosity have transformed my life, and I am forever grateful.

I am especially grateful for all the “spiritual friends” he has given me and who have helped me cultivate a path of spiritual practice. One of the most important lessons I learned from my Venerable Teacher is the truth of the Buddha’s teachings that “the whole of the spiritual life is having good friends”.

May the light of the Dhamma be an aid in guiding us towards wisdom and peace. May my Venerable Teacher, Bhante Wimala be forever showered with blessings of the Triple Gem.

In gratitude and with Metta, I remain his grateful student,



I am a lawyer and managing partner of my 30 person law firm. I used to be a type A personality filled with stress, anxiety, and a short fuse. All that changed in 1996 when I was fortunate enough to take a weekend workshop with Bhante Wimala called “Introduction to Meditation” at Omega Institute. It forever changed my life. I now describe my life as “B.B.” and “A.B.” (before Bhante and after Bhante).

During the past 14 years we have grown from teacher/student to good friends. We have worked together to help and support Bhante in his projects. We have opened our hearts and our home and have shared many joyful and spiritual experiences.

Bhante was instrumental in encouraging me to meditate each day. He also was the key to my becoming a truly more peaceful, kind, and loving person. I have brought his wisdom to my law practice and my clients are grateful for my sharing his philosophy with them. I even give them Bhante’s book and his wonderful CDs.

People who have known me a while are truly amazed at the difference before and after Bhante. They have said that whatever I got, they want some of that. I am truly grateful for the difference that Bhante has made in my life.

I am pleased to add my voice to celebrate the many achievements of Bhante Wimala and what great improvements he has made to so many people’s lives. He is a truly remarkable human being and you can sense that he is someone special when you are in his presence.

Lee Corbin


Dear Friends of Bhante and Dear Bhante!

I am so sorry not to be with you tonight. Bhante, I have known you since we were both young seekers–we have been dharma friends for almost 30 years! When I met you I was a young woman who had recently started a new center, and you were a young monk who had just arrived in the United States. We were so happy to welcome you at Omega Institute, and you became our resident monk for many years. It was not that we were looking for a resident monk! You just showed up and we fell in love with you, and so we created the position. You brought so much to our campus and to our staff and guests. Over the years we have grown up together—becoming become authors and activists and teachers—while remaining friends. I am grateful to have known you all this time and to be able to call you brother and friend. Bless you in all that you do for our hurting world.

Your sister,

Elizabeth Lesser
Cofounder, Omega Institute


Dear Bhante,

It has been almost 20 years since you shared your homeland with me. Because of what I learned from you on that trip, I specifically acknowledged you in the opening to my book published last year: “For the development of this mind/body approach to intimacy, I extend my gratitude to… Bhante Wimala, a Buddhist monk from Sri Lanka, who taught me that the heart is real and that when I connect with my heart, I can look at life with different eyes.”

Congratulations and enjoy your day of honor. Richard & I wish we could be there!

Thank you for your tireless teaching of peace and love.

~ Diana
Diana Daffner, CS, M.A.


Simply wanted to wish you well on your special celebration day, Bhante. Who would have thought that a chance (?!) encounter over lunch in Omega would lead to such a fruitful expansion of your teachings to Ireland. Thank you for the difference you’ve made to the internal worlds of so many.

With love from Claire Pilling, Chrysalis
Chrysalis Centre, Donard, Co Wicklow


I send you all our Blessings, Prayers and Best Wishes. May Lord Buddha smile upon your face and touch your kind sweet heart with Compassion, Grace, and Divine Bliss.

May Lord Buddha embrace you in loving kindness, always,

Edward Carilli


Dear Ven. Wimala,

Congratulations for your achievement! What an achievement! Chief Sangha Nayaka of three countries and ambassador of Peace! I don’t think there is any other Sri Lankan Dhammaduta monk who has ever gained such an honor and recognition as you have gained. I take this opportunity to express my heartfelt congratulation for your success in receiving this award from three countries. You really deserve it. I wish I could have attended the celebration. Unfortunately, as I will be in Indonesia during that time, I am very glad to send you my blessing and best wishes for the success of the grand celebration to be held in your honor. This recognition is the result of your sincere service to the humanity all over the world.

With Metta,

Bhante Gunaratana


Gauravarha Swamipadayanvahanse,

Congratulations on your elevation to the high office of a prelate with jurisdiction over the mission territories of the United State, Czech Republic and Kenya and the much deserved award of the title of Peace Ambassador by the Supreme Council of Monks of Theravada Sri Lanka; honors and recognition that were long due to a worthy and dedicated Buddhaputra whose counsel and whose example of simple living should prevail among the venerable sthaviras and seekers intent on spreading the Word of the Master in these above-mentioned landscapes and elsewhere, conveying the true and living spirit of Buddhahood (by example), which must take into account the idiom of the peoples of those lands (you do that so well!); as Buddha would have done today. Without this noble aspiration, no amount of vadas, doxies, learned escatologies or theosophies on Buddha Dhamma can have any meaning but will only help serving the proliferation of ephemeral cults around Buddhism…. I have seen this phenomenon before my very eyes through the four decades I had spent in North America and have been truly saddened by it.

I have watched from a distance your mission grow in wisdom and Grace of the Buddha and maturing into something of Asokan proportions reminiscent of the great zeal and understanding with which the Great Emperor addressed the need to give the gift of Dhamma that transcends all other gifts to the entire human race, inspiring others to do the same. (Investigation into what Asokan efforts, over two centuries before the birth of Christ did to the Mission of Christ while he lived and later on, and the impact it had on building an attractive Theology (after Christ’s earthly demise) incorporating aspects of moral and humane values of Buddha’s Teaching has become a lifetime preoccupation of mine! – (I fancy, we’ll discuss these matters in undisturbed relaxation, should we happen to find some time someday, somewhere!)

May your noble mission rooted in the spirit of Love and Compassion recognizing Universal Human Dignity and Worth of the Human Being prosper by the Grace of the Noble Triple Gem!

Pray that I may have the good fortune to attend at least one of the festive events you had mentioned in your e-mail.

May this note find you in good health and good cheer!

Aloy Perera


Dear Bhante,

“I have known Bhante Wimala for 17 years and I’m grateful that he is being honored for his selfless work to relieve suffering throughout the world. Over the years, there are many things Bhante has shared with me and my friends for which we remain grateful.

Once I asked Bhante, “How should we approach life now that it has become so much more complex?” Bhante replied, “It is true that life is more complex than it used to be, however, we can always strive to approach it in simple ways.”

Someone in our group once asked Bhante, “Why does love seem to hurt so much?” Bhante simply answered, “If it hurts, it’s not love.”

I am forever grateful to Bhante,




What a special, joyous occasion. To gather with Bhante Wimala and those of us lucky enough to have lived life as one of his close friends and associates. Such an auspicious gathering is cause for joyous celebration! My celebrating will be muted…but only by an undercurrent of profound Gratitude for having known a Monk who wears such a (practical, down-to-earth, compassionate, wise and experienced) Heart of Gold under the saffron robe. “Noble Friendship” – said by the Buddha to be “the essential element” for wise living, this is what our friend Bhante Wimala has truly mastered. When one has engaged with this wonderful Monk – either through reading his books/materials, following his amazing travels and mission work, or just engaging Wimala “one-on-one”; one eventually realizes that Bhante Wimala is a human being/a Monk living a life that is truly “No-bull” (smile!) / Noble.


John Haywood


We recognize that a respected monk is our pleasure.his indomitable spirit is worthy of our study. his contribution to world peace is worthy of our beloved. his merciful love is worthy of our respect. today we saw in the internet have honor ceremony . although we are separated by thousands of miles. can not go to this honor ceremony. but we chinese people in africa best wishes BHANTE WIMALA master good Health and Blessed life.

Students: Dr.water joy zhao

Dr. David yin. Mr. jack song. Dr. zhao na. Dr. victorya . Dr. jane hou


Dear Rev. Dr. Carol Lawson,

First of all a very HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS” to Bhante Wimala on his appointment as the Chief Sangha Nayaka to the United States, Czech Republic and Kenya, and his designation as recipient of the prestigious Peace Ambassador “Samadutha” Award.

Secondly, thank you all there in the USA for honoring Bhante with a special ceremony that is taking place on Saturday the 30th October at Wainwright House in Rye, New York. I would have loved to be there in person to see my teacher being honored, however cannot be able to travel to the States as we are moving to a new home all this because of the Bhante’s Blessings.

I will appreciate if you could read this message below to all the people who have gathered on the 30th October for this special ceremony.

How Bhante has influenced by Life

I first met Bhante in the year 2000 at the Nairobi Buddhist Temple with my father & from the moment we met him he just touched our hearts, that in his following visits we had the honor to Host him at our home. Now it is a part of a ritual that every time Bhante is in Nairobi he has to come home for a visit & in the process he has became a part of our family consisting of my parents, my brother & my two younger sisters. I was ordained a Buddhist in January 2007 by Bhante in the presence of His Venerable Teacher who had accompanied him from Sri Lanka. That was a very special moment for me. Bhante’s Dhamma talks & discourses are like medicines & are full of Wisdom. Bhante organized a small retreat of three days with the Nairobi Sangha based on the Vipassana meditation technique somewhere after year 2000, which became my first step to learn the Vipassana Meditation & have been attending the 10day meditation retreats for the past 3 years as taught by S. N. Goenka.

Bhante has been always there whenever need arose, his blessings his understanding of situations & solving them without ever taking sides & yes his smile on the face melts away all the troubles that one has carried along. From Bhante I learnt all about compassion about giving & never to expect anything in return. I have had the opportunity to be part of Bhante’s Humanitarian work on a project that I undertook of handing out Wheelchairs, crutches & mosquito nets to the people who required them to make their lives better. When in Nairobi the word just gets spread that there are always people at the temple waiting to meet him, to be blessed & take his guidance. It is an amazing chance for me to be able to be serve at the Temple. We have at the temple Bhante’s Books The Lesson of the Lotus & Awakening Poetry which are very popular among the visitors & they get to know Bhante’s side of being a writer. He is one of the finest Teachers one can come across.

Most of you who know Bhante very closely will agree that he never lets you down his power of blessings is immense. I say from real life experience, we are moving to our new residence this weekend & this home was a reality to be purchased all because of his blessings, guidance & never lets us lose hope, he is very much a respected personality that his word was honored to the letter . Thank you Bhante for being part our live this is Karma that we were to meet in this lifetime. Bhante Wimala you deserve this honor of your appointment as the Chief Sangha Nayaka to the United States, Czech Republic and Kenya, and the designation as recipient of the prestigious Peace Ambassador “Samadutha” Award.

With Metta & greetings from the entire family

Atula Shah Nairobi, Kenya


Dearest Bhante,

Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances, I cannot be with you to celebrate today but from DUBLIN, IRELAND, I send warmest wishes and hearty congratulations to you, my dear friend, on receiving this well-earned award.

As a humanitarian you set a very high standard for the rest of us. As a human being, your serenity and calm impress one and all – but it is your ageless spirit which touches the heart and leaves a fond memory which lingers long after you’ve left. Your boyish humour, your innocence and your sense of fun come to mind simultaneously with the name Bhante Wimala. You indeed are a bright light radiating goodness for all to see.

May you continue to be blessed. May Love and Light always surround you. May you be well and happy.

Aideen Taylor,