Livelihood Assistance Programs for Tsunami Victims

We have helped many people who lost their livelihood to the Tsunami. Those who lost everything had no foundation to build their lives again. People from all walks of life were struggling to start their livelihood and generate income to support their remaining families.

I got hundreds of requests from the refugees who were eager to start working again, including carpenters, masons, fishermen and vendors. Although it is impossible to help everyone in need, we were able to help many people through our Livelihood Assistance Program for Tsunami victims.

We have helped to restart four kindergarten schools, and have donated bicycles to workmen. In Sri Lanka, for example, a fisherman will sell his fish by carrying it in a basket on his bicycle. Giving a bicycle will help them to restart self employment by providing a means to travel to market.

Carpenters and masons who had lost all the tools of their trades were supplied with the basic tools to start working again. We have also helped an doctor who lost his wife, child and everything in his clinic to the tsunami. He received all his medicine, clinic supplies, and medical equipment such as: blood pressure cuffs and stethoscopes.

I continue to receive new requests every day, and hope to continue this important project. Helping these victims to restart their livelihood, not only provides them with a source of income, but helps in their emotional healing by giving them a renewed sense of purpose.

If you are interested in donating to this project, please contact us for more details.