May 28, 2015 Relief Mission to Dolakha, Nepal

In a mission I was privileged to organize, with the assistance of Nepalese Buddhist monk Tapassi, we have distributed urgently needed food supplies and sleeping mats to seventy families in Nepal’s Dolakha region. Families continue the difficult work of rebuilding their lives after the devastating April, 2015 Ghorka earthquake, the worst natural disaster in Nepal since 1931.

A truck loaded with sleeping mats, rice, soup, sugar, biscuits and other essential food supplies left Kathmandu at 7am on the 28th of May, 2015. On roads beset by landslides, the relief party made the perilous four hour journey to the mountain region of Dolakha. We were greeted warmly by local families who eagerly accepted delivery of much needed supplies.

I was fortunate to have spent time with the local families who continue the struggle to reconstruct their lives in the wake of this devastating natural disaster.

I am grateful to those who contributed time and resources to help seventy additional families, as I continue to assist those who are suffering due to the devastation of the earthquake.

Thank you.