Medical Equipment for 40 Health Centers

We have distributed essential medical equipment to 40 village health centers devastated by typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines. The 40 packages included: a wheelchair, crutches, weighing scale, blood sugar monitor, blood pressure monitor, thermostat, statoscope and nebulizers.
I was delighted to be present to personally hand over the medical equipment. It gave me the opportunity to visit with the local villagers and to realize just how much this equipment will help the thousands of people in those affected areas.
During my previous visits to this region I met with many of the healthcare workers. They explained the challenges they faced not having the most basic equipment needed to provide care for the sick.  After consulting with them I was able to prepare a list of the necessary items to be donated.
The City Council Woman, Hon. Eden Chua, organized the list of 120 health centers and selected the 40 centers most in need of assistance. I could not find a sponsor in time so I decided to use the money from our Samadhi Buddhist Meditation Center humanitarian fund to finance the project.  Iva Nesvarova and Rene Pelanic, who manage the humanitarian fund, helped to arrange the financing. I am grateful to them and to everyone whose contributions to our humanitarian fund made this project possible.
Jenny Ruth, my personal assistant in Tacloban, worked hard to get the medical equipment ready. Many emails and phone calls were required in order to keep the project on schedule. I am grateful to the Chua family, Mr. Edward, Mr. Albert and Ms. Eden Chua for providing transportation and taking care of my needs during my visit.