Mosquito Nets for 375 Typhoon-Affected Families

When I arrived in Tacloban, I visited several villages that were completely destroyed. People were putting up temporary huts or living in plastic tents. This is an area where Dengue fever is prominent and many people have died of it in the past. Lack of toilets, water and electricity has made the environment very dangerous.

I decided to provide mosquito nets to the families in two villages. In the beginning, it was hard to find the nets and we had to search all over Tacloban to collect them from shops. Then, we found a local wholesale store that had just gotten a shipment of nets.

The village heads provided us with lists of the families living in both villages. When we arrived with the nets, the names were read and we were able to provide each family with a net sufficient to protect four people.

People who received the nets were friendly and grateful. I, too, am grateful to those who helped me in Tacloban and who support the Triple Gem Society Humanitarian Fund. On my next visit to the Philippines, we will provide nets to more villages and families.