Nepal Earthquake Relief Projects

Dear Friends and Students,

Greetings and many blessings to all of you from Nepal.

I am in Nepal doing earthquake relief work. I am lucky to have two young Nepali monks to assist me. So many people have lost their homes and belongings. The death toll keeps rising as they discover more remote villagers ruined by the earthquake.

We are organizing and distributing roofing materials, food and clothing, mosquito nets and whatever they need.

  • Two days ago we reached a hilltop village, Jamdi Deurali, a two hour drive from Kathmandu, the capital. A Nepali army officer requested and insisted that I go there and help the people in this village. With their own four wheel drive we were able to reach this village. All the houses were damaged, many completely destroyed and some people have died but it was the first day they received food, tents and other basic needs.
  • Waiting for the plans and the approval to reconstruct one of the school buildings in the hilltop village of Jamdi Deurial village.
  • Visited Bungamati area Army camp and met with the commanding officer and officers and discussed the disaster relief program and future co-operation in assisting the most effected people.
  • Visited devastated area in Bungamati with military officers and met with the community leaders and welfare officers and discussed about temporary housing program and now waiting for their proposal to consider.
  • Visited badly devastated villages in Kathmandu region and distributed roofing material to the poorest families who were homeless.
  • Tomorrow will be loading a truck with roofing material and most essential food items and other requested material to be distributed in a remote village in Panchkhal district. This was requested by the army officer who knows the area and knows that no aid has reached this village. He will join us for distribution.
  • Met with the commanding officer, Gen. Dias, and all the officers of the Sri Lankan Army rescue and Relief contingency.
  • Providing drinking water by filling storage tanks.

    Well, this is not the time to describe everything I do and hope you can get a feeling of what I am doing here. Please help us if you are in a position to help. The people here need all your help. Thank you. May you be well and happy.

    With Love and Blessings.

    Bhante Y. Wimala