New Building for Loresho Primary School in Kenya

We have handed over a new building we constructed in the Loresho primary school. The building, consisting of two large classrooms, was handed over to the administrators of the school in May 2014. We have also furnished the classrooms with tables and desks for 85 students and 85 sixth grade students are already using the classrooms.

Almost all the students of Loresho primary school come from surrounding slums and poor villages. We have helped this school many times in the past, including building a toilet block, renovating old buildings, and giving scholarships to the brightest students.

Can you imagine 70 to 90 sixth grade children in one classroom? That how congested the classrooms were. When I saw the congested classrooms in one of my previous visits to the school, I discussed with the head teacher, Mrs. Rose about constructing a new building to provide more space for the classrooms. Mrs. Rose agreed to manage the construction and handle all the contractors and purchase of construction material, which helped us to keep the cost down and finish the project on time.

After almost a year of waiting, negotiating, and some frustrating moments and paying considerable amounts beyond budget, we were able to complete and hand over the building in the presence of happy and joyful students and teachers.

I am very grateful to Lisa Benson, Ellipse Communication in Dallas, Texas for donating the total cost of the building and the furniture for the classrooms. I have known Lisa for many years and when I contacted her and discussed my intention to construct a new building for the school, she whole-heartedly agreed to provide all the funds needed. Her kindness and generosity helped us complete the work and finish this project beautifully. Thank you, Lisa.

I would like to thank Mr. Kohli, the treasurer of The Nairobi Buddhist Temple, who supervised the project and Mr. H. Dawda, the chairman of Triple Gem Society Africa, for providing considerable support to make this project successful.