New Resident Monk Vicitta Sara Bhikku Arrives in Kenya

We are very happy to inform you that as of Nov. 22, 2008 we have a new resident monk at the Nairobi Buddhist temple in Kenya. Vicitta Sara Bhikku is a Burmese Buddhist monk and has been for over 18 years.

We obtained a three year religious visa for Vicitta Sara Bhikku and he is expected to stay for the duration of the visa in his new role as one of the resident monks of the temple.

Vicitta Sara Bhikku’s teacher, Venerable U Janita sent him to Nairobi at the request of Bhante Wimala, the Chief Monk of the Nairobi Temple. U Janitha has requested that Bhante Wimala accept Vicitta Sara Bhikku as one of his students as well be responsible for his well-being and any other matters that may arise during his stay.

With the assistance of two English teachers he has very quickly improved his language skills and has already begun teaching meditation classes on Sundays at the Temple.

Bhante Wimala would like to invite all our friends and students that visit the temple to take the opportunity to meet Vicitta Sara Bhikku.