New School Building for the War Ravaged Region

We have started construction of a school in Madu village in the Vavnia district of Northern Sri Lanka. Within a short period of time we were able to prepare designs, estimates and permits, clear the ground and identify a sponsor for the project. On February 2nd we started construction and hope to complete the work in six weeks.

The village was destroyed during the war and now the former villagers are returning and getting settled again. I visited the region on an invitation from the commanding officer of the area, Brigadier Ajith Kariyakarawana. Explaining the difficult situation the returning villagers are going through Brig. Ajith pleaded with me to do what ever I could to help the people of Madu village.

One of the main problems was that there was no school for the returning children. When I visited the village they explained to me how families are separated because the parents have to send their children away in order to go to school. Once the school is opened, the children will be able to stay with their parents and attend the school in their own village.

When I met some of the returning villagers, they described the horror of war and how some of them escaped under attack of the rebel group LTTE. Now the war is over and they are trying to return to a normal life. But they need a lot of help to get their lives started again because the war completely destroyed the village. I hope the small things that we do can help rebuild peace in Sri Lanka for those who suffered so long and that they will be able to have a normal life again.

The school is sponsored by Rehan Perera who lives in Singapore. Rehan was also responsible for sponsoring another very important and expensive project, the total renovation of the Kokeliya Village. I send my blessings and deep gratitude to Rehan Perera. There are several people involved in the construction of the school and I would like to thank everyone involved.