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Samadhi Retreat Schedule – 2011

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Samadhi Retreat Schedule – 2008

    April   April 17 – 20 Martial Arts Group   April 25 – 27 Olande Ananda You have the rare opportunity to participate in a weekend meditation retreat with Dutch Therawada Budddhist monk Olande Ananda. Venarable Ananda, who is also a good friend of Ven. Bhante Wimala, lives in Sri Lanka and travels…

Samadhi Experience – Thoughts From Retreat Participants

Recent retreat participants have contributed the following comments that we are delighted to share with you below. It is our hope that you will also get a chance to visit us in 2009. We are preparing for a busy summer at the center. “I enjoyed every moment of my visit to Samadhi. I specially loved…

Conference on Buddhism and Mongolian Culture

At the request of Dr. Togkhok, assistant professor at the University of Humanities in Mongolia, Triple Gem Society sponsored a conference titled ” Buddhist Philosophy, Mongolian Culture, and Globalization.” The conference was co-organized with the graduate school of humanities in Mongolia. It was held in Chingesiin Huree tour camp outside Ulaambaatar on the 10th of…

Copper Beech Institute Retreat 2015

We are honored that Bhante Wimala has accepted our invitation to visit Copper Beech Institute. Join us for a peaceful, restorative weekend, learning and practicing the original teachings of the Buddha with a world-renowned meditation teacher.

TV Interview

Interview with the journalist Bayanaan Ganbold which was aired by Business TV, Mongololia. Following is the link to the documentary English version: Mongolian version:

Lecture at the University

March 2015 Bhante Wimala gave a lecture to graduate and PhD students at the University of Humanities in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The two hour lecture entitled “Buddhist Concept of Compassion” ended with a dialogue with the students and the faculty.

Omega Retreat 2015

Meditation for Beginners provides a survey of meditation techniques to start the beginner and refresh the experienced meditator.

Spiritual traditions throughout the ages have recommended meditation as a core practice and a path toward peace of mind. Modern medicine is now finding that meditation techniques can be applied to alleviate pain, improve health, increase vitality, and buffer day-to-day encounters with stress.