One More Health Care Center

Renovation of the second Health Care Center damaged by the typhoon is complete and we will be handing over the building in July.

I went to Calvary Hill Village to distribute medical equipment. It was a rainy day and we needed umbrellas inside the building because it was so badly damaged. It was clear they needed the Health Center repaired.

After meeting with the Village Chairman and community members to discuss the situation, I asked them to provide me with an estimate. Since the Community Center is an extension of the Health Care Center they provided me with a budget to repair areas of both facilities. I received an official letter from the Village Council requesting my help to rebuild the Health Center and the multipurpose hall of the community center.

Since our humanitarian fund is so small and we do not have a lot of extra money, I often look for sponsors when chose a project. For this project, I reached out to Dr. Zhao Weijie and David Yin and they gladly agreed to finance the renovation of both the Health Center and the multipurpose hall of the Community Center. I am grateful to Dr. Zhao and the family of the Chinese General Clinic in Nairobi, Kenya for their generosity.

Our Project Manager, Ms. Jenny Ruth Pacuri worked with the community leaders and the Chairman until the project was completed. As with any construction project there are challenges and Jenny worked hard, staying in communication with me constantly, resolving issues, updating me on the progress and keeping everything on schedule. Thank you Jenny for your hard work.