Over One Thousand Kerosene Pressure Cooking Stoves for IDPs

During my previous visit to the refugee camps, I noticed how many difficulties the IDPs (Internationally Displaced Persons) encountered because they were unable to heat tea, milk for children, or special meals for the sick. I discussed this matter with the General who is in charge of the area, explaining to him the difficulties of not having access to a stove and benefits this type of stove would produce. He gave me permission to bring in the stoves and promised to make all the arrangements to make Kerosene oil available as well.

Since that time we have ordered 1,050 Kerosene pressure cooking stoves from India, which are in the process of being shipped. When I return to Sri Lanka on the 14th of July, the stoves will be distributed to IDPs who have become homeless and live in tents. Customs and security clearance and transportation to northern Sri Lanka has already been arranged. We have discussed the distribution procedures and have arranged for five families to share each stove.

For those who have lost everything and live in difficult conditions a cooking stove will bring great relief. Depending on the success of this program, we would like to import more quantities and make them available to displaced people. If any of you are interested in sponsoring a container or certain number of stoves, please contact us as soon as possible. I request your kind assistance and guarantee that all the donations will be used for the benefit of war victims.

Please contact us for further information.